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There is no charge for this training.

Training may cover topics such as:

  • Myths vs. facts about coping with the loss of a law enforcement officer.
  • Support issues for the surviving family, the agency, agency personnel and their families.
  • Being prepared with a General Orders for line-of-duty death.
  • Regular updating of family information and beneficiary cards.
  • Discussion of state/local benefits.
  • Organizing financial matters.
  • Officer safety issues.
  • Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Psychological/critical incident stress debriefing teams to address the needs of effected co-workers and co-workers’ families.
  • Spouse seminars and employee assistance programs.
  • The survivors’ perspective.
  • Death notification

It is proven that proper death notification of family and co-workers with continued follow-up care to help everyone cope with the loss are the keys to a health survivor. The grieving process is different for every survivor. The length of time to “grieve” and “recover” is unique for each individual. There is no “proper” way to grieve.

Information regarding the needs of trauma victims of “Line of Duty Death” is available to all Law Enforcement agencies and organizations as well as the public. Packets containing information will be sent out by request.

Comprehensive training programs are also available through Concerns of Police Survivors:  National COPS Training